Brioso mixed dried nuts with truffle

Brioso mixed dried nuts with truffle

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A unique snack to impress your guests!

Mixed of nuts, roasted to perfection with an a touch of truffle from dried summer truffle content and natural flavouring


Roasted peanuts

Roasted almonds

Roasted cashews

Roasted hazelnuts

Sunflower oil

Natural flavouring

Dried summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.)

Nutritional Values

Energy - 2565kJ (620kcal)

Fats - 52.3g of which saturated fatty acids 5.2g

Carbohydrates - 13.3g of which sugars 4.3g

Fiber - 8.1g

Proteins - 19.9g

Salt - 1.36g